Kitpas Large Crayons - Set of 12 Crayons Kitpas
Kitpas Large Crayons - Set of 12 Crayons Kitpas
Kitpas Large Crayons - Set of 12 Crayons Kitpas

Kitpas Large Crayons - Set of 12

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The perfect gift for painting rainbows on the window!
These innovative, eco-friendly and water-soluble crayon markers from Japan, you can draw on paper, glass (brilliant fun for decorating windows for parties or special events) or whiteboards. Just use a wet cloth to erase drawings. You can even use these crayons as watercolours! Plus, they're super-smooth and soft to draw with, so they're easy for little hands to get to grips with. 
Set of 12 colours: white, pink, red, orange, pale orange, yellow, yellow green, green, light blue, blue, brown and black.

Eco-friendly: contains paraffin so dust-free and no ink marker smells. 


About Kitpas:

Kitpas have been making quality art materials for over 80 years since they began in 1937 as a manufacturer of dustless chalks. Their factory in Bibai-shi (which translates to 'beautiful shell city) in Hokkaido, Japan had waste piles of scallop shells that were causing environmental issues so Kitpas decided to reduce, reuse and recycle this material. The use of powdered shells makes Kitpas' chalks stronger, smoother and long lasting and used by more than 60% of Japanese schools.

Today Kitpas is recognised as Japan's leading manufacturer of innovative, eco-friendly art materials and also empower people with learning disabilities with 70% of their workforce having intellectual disabilities.