Our Values

GrumpyKid exists to help you ‘Raise Good Humans’ - The future, the changemakers, the forces for good.

We are committed to providing you with inspiring goods that will consciously help to cause a shift in society by collectively working to challenge misconceptions and prompt change.

We live by our values and they are consciously woven into everything that we do as a business.

Inspirational – Because inspired minds take action and live up to their dreams

Mindful – In an increasingly busy, stressful and virtual world we place importance on helping you look after your whole family’s mind, body and soul

Educational – Because education opens the mind and teaches the values that we want to pass on to our children

Equal - We value equality and diversity in people and ideas and we aim to be an inclusive brand which we pass on to our customers

Fun – Because…fun is fun and we all need more! Plus it means you learn without even realising it