The GrumpyKid story...

Hi I am Clare, founder of GrumpyKid and mum to two boys (GrumpyKid on the left!)

I have always been very passionate about ensuring my sons grow up to be beautiful humans with open hearts and minds but it was a few years ago when my eldest son was going through some challenges at school that triggered the idea for GrumpyKid. 

The GrumpyKid mission is to provide you with inspiring goods that will consciously help to cause a shift in society by collectively working to create a kinder, more mindful, equal and diverse world and ensuring that generations to come have a future.

We offer a carefully curated selection of thought provoking gifts that will help you educate you little ones, help them look after their mind, nourish the soul or just help you reach out to someone and let them know you are there.

Our website is a place that encourages and nurtures creativity, learning, a little bit of magic and a lot of fun through all the things your children love - games, toys, books, clothing and much more.

Why the name GrumpyKid? I wanted to incorporate my children into the business but not name it after them. Looking through pictures of my youngest when he was a baby someone commented that he looked like a Grumpy Kid and it just stuck!

In case you were wondering about our little storm cloud, Ziggy...

Clouds are formed by water, in air. Water symbolises clarity and purity and air represents the mind, emotion and intelligence. Clouds are also said to be symbolic of dreams, emotions, and potential. The lightning adds a touch of fierce and power!

Ziggy encapsulates the essence of the mini humans we are want to raise- emotionally intelligent, kind, open minded and determined forces for change ready to follow their dreams and take on the world!