World Book Day and other costume dramas

So one of the things that GrumpyKid will always be is a place for everyone. Parent, Guardian, Aunt, Uncle friend et all. But i also use the term 'Modern family' and by my own definition this mean families that share the views of GrumpyKid and place importance on encouraging equality and diversity. 
Another definition of a modern family is basically just a family that exists in the world right now, whether flying solo, both working full time, stay at home dad or mum, it doesn't matter really. Attempting to parent in this current age is tougher than ever and we spin SO MANY bloody plates!
But this isn't a blog about how busy we all are. This is a blog about the fact that, as we get busier, sometimes there just needs to be a bit of give. 
'What gives' you ask? 
The answer is not much (sorry). However we are an adaptive species and we find ways to make our lives more efficient where we can, but this is unique to every family. 
There is one thing that seems to add to our workload and it's on the increase...dressing up days at school. Now don't get me wrong, I love seeing my kids looking cool as their favourite book characters. Love it. 
But whether you make, buy or borrow a costume, it happens TOO BLOODY OFTEN. In this modern day and age where we are busier than ever, when world book day looms- fine, can just about deal. But China day? Prehistoric day? All FANTASTIC ways to learn but unfortunately all requiring investment of time and probably money from the parents- many have little of both. 
And I know I'm not alone. I had a casual rant to some other mum's recently and one of them told me 'we had pirate day sprung on us last term. One days notice!'
So why are schools giving parents more to do than ever before? Homework aside (don't even get me started on that) are there not ways that kids could still learn about China and the Stone Age without a full on head to toe costume? Oh and I don't mean baking instead...we don't bloody well have time for that either! I'm not trying to soak up the fun, but please schools stop trying to soak up our time (and money).
The spare time we get with our children is precious, and a fun homework project every now again is a great thing for parents to help with, but it's far too frequent when you add into the mix more than one child, other homework etc etc
So, schools, listen up! When the new term kicks off, spare a thought for parents who are already under enormous pressures, but will do anything to ensure their child doesn't get left out...why not at the very least start these things off at school...a worthy art project that teaches them about history or geography at the same time?  Maybe the kids can 'sell' what they have made after in a pretend shop...enocurage a bit of entrepeneurship? Now that I am all for...